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Here's to the girls who just watch.

11 May 1980
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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University of Georgia - Athens GA (1998 - 2002)
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absurdism, afi top 100 movies, airports, ballet, being the karaoke queen, ben folds, boxing movies, brotherhood 2.0, caribou coffee, cat and girl, children's literature, collecting old books, dar williams, documentaries about conspiracies, drinking coffee with adam, family guy, feeling the illinoise, forgetting to sleep, gawker stalker, get fuzzy, good grammar, goodbye to all that, granola and ricemilk, haruki murakami, hiking, hiro nakamura, imaginary friends, james joyce, joan didion, john green, john updike, joni mitchell, kate monster, language evolution, languages, lit agent fangirlishness, literary agencies, making lists, mix cd segues, nanowrimo, neko case, nerdfighters, netflix as a verb, neutral milk hotel, new pornographers, odd numbers, peak oil, pearls before swine, publishing industry, quality walking, quentin compson, quoting the simpsons, rabbit angstrom, reading, really dark chocolate, recycling, running, singing to billy joel, six feet under, stalking john updike, stories about time travel, sufjan stevens, sunday crosswords, tea, teaching esl, telling stories about japan, the babushka lady, the decemberists, the office, thinking, tokyo, trader joe's, traveling alone, turner classic movies, vegan baking, wandering, wednesday morning bagels, weekend morning movies, west side story, william faulkner, wine, writing novels, young adult literature
I'm 28 and very short. I have a husband, a dog, an unfinished novel, and a job writing language tests.

The high points: I make excellent banana nut bread. I am the great and mighty Simpsons trivia champion of all the world! I think kids and animals are swell; I do not eat or wear them. But I have worn the same boots on four continents. I most likely remember your birthday, though I will be very shy about telling you that I do. One day, I'm going to figure out how to acquire a talent shared by Martha Stewart and Napoleon -- that is, requiring very little sleep. I recycle. I set aside time and money for travel. I am adaptable, durable, and mostly polite, though when I am not, I have an arsenal of very creative insults.

The low points: I have adult contemporary stations programmed on my car radio. I have a way of looking like I'm in middle school -- or younger, probably, since I don't wear as much eye makeup as the average 13-year-old does. I know nothing about knitting or your TV-related fandom. I'm sorry, I really tried to like Arrested Development, beer, olives, Godspeed! You Black Emperor!, Stephen Chbosky, any and all sodas, driving, the word "y'all," people who claim "the beach" as their favorite place in the world, blue cheese, designer handbags, and conversations about your stereo equipment, but nothing sparked between us, you know? I also have a very low tolerance for air conditioning.